Tomorrowland is calling!

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This is another photo made possible by my trusty Platypod! I love that thing! If you cross the Tomorrowland bridge (turn right from Cinderella castle) there’s a couple of little inlets on the bridge where you can setup a small tripod on the bridge railing and get some unique shots!

I initially had a ton of trouble with the colors in this picture. I included the before picture in a slideshow view to show how far it came with mostly just Lightroom (with a touch of Photoshop to get the pole out of the top right corner that I didn’t notice when I was shooting it).

I struggled a bit with getting the colors to look good in this picture. I wound up having to go to the tone curve in all three colors (Red, green and blue) to make individual tweaks.

There’s a ton of good Lightroom curves tutorials out on the internet. I think they’re something you won’t use a ton but when you do it’s a life saver.

On another note:

This picture makes me think of the movie Tomorrowland. Really underrated movie. Totally optimistic vision of the future and a lot of fun. The same writer of the Incredibles wrote it and Ratatouille. Actually I looked up his IMDB profile and I like everything the guy has written… time for a movie binge…