Terror’s Lobby

Terror's LobbyTerror’s Lobby

One of my problems as a photographer is that I have a really hard time saying I like my own stuff. I have no idea why, but I do. I prefer to think it’s some naturally ingrained humility rather than plain old insecurity, so let’s go with that.

That all being said I absolutely love this photograph.

HOT DISNEY PHOTO TIP: This is related to this photograph. On a lot of the rides, especially the ones that have been around for a long time the FastPass line is next to, or near enough to the regular line that you can use your fast pass as not only a chance to ride the ride, but scout out anything cool to photograph in the regular line.

I did that here by using my FastPass during the day to ride, and in the evening after the Fantasmic show went through the regular line with my camera setup on a platypod (small plate that you can put a tripod head on to get shots in funky places. Essential for Disney in my opinion) and all of my settings dialed in. That way when I got to my spot I knelt down and let people go around me, setup my composition and fired off 9 bracketed shots, which I wasn’t sure I needed but my trusty XT-2 can do it automatically with the flip of a switch so I let it rip. Good thing I did since I wouldn’t have gotten a good exposure for the lights if I hadn’t.

Then it was just a matter of telling people to go around me while I waited for the exposures. Lots of people were nice enough to stop thinking I was tying my shoe or something. It was very nice. 99% of the time we are all on our best behavior at Disney and all do our best to be courteous.

When I got this home it was all processed in Lightroom with a little bit of a custom Photoshop action I am working with.

I have this dream that one day I will get behind the velvet rope and photograph all of the nooks and crannies of this lobby… One day… Though I picture it going like this:

“I could do this all day”

“You got 5 minutes”