Rainier Noir

Rainier Noir

Renier Noir

We had a crazy 2017 for travel, which was amazing. Florida, New York, Colorado, Cape Cod and Washington state! That’s a heck of a lot of plane time for a family of four!

Luckily my wife Stephanie is way smarter and I am and does 2 things that were so simple and brilliant, and I hope they help you out too!

First thing is she makes these little “goodie bags” for the plane. They have a variety of peppermints, life savers and granola bars for snacking and dealing with ear issues. I wind up carrying the leftovers around in my work bag for weeks afterwards too. It’s fantastic.

Secondly, and this is and amazing tip for traveling with kids, is to pack one activity for every 30 minutes in flight. So a three hour trip gets six activities. Depending on the age we’ve used coloring books, puzzle books, and those funky in-between books you usually see at the supermarket check out lines. The trick is to not let them see them before you leave, so they are brand new. I mean, who wants to take a half done coloring book on a plane anyway?