The Lady Watches

The Lady Watches

The Lady Watches

Statue of Liberty, New York, USA

Lucky shot from the boat coming in. Sometimes having a good day is just enough 🙂


Photo Tip:

When I am having a problem with the color in my pictures but can’t figure out what exactly the issue is then it’s time to start playing. Sometimes going to black and white is the right answer but not always. In Lightroom the White Balance, HSL, Saturation, Vibrance, Split Toning and Camera Calibration controls all influence the color.


In this case it was pretty easy, I just cranked the vibrance up most of the way and the saturation down most of the way. This got the colors looking much more interesting to me. Then I went and started turning up saturation on the greens (for the statue) and yellow (for the torch). I’m having a lot of fun trying to use color differently nowadays.


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