Abstract in Colorado

One of our adventures this summer brought us to Colorado for a conference. I didn’t have as hard of a time with the altitude as I expected, which was nice, but I did need a nap or two to keep in motion.

I also bought a new Peak Design backpack, which I loved except for the laptop pocket. I could barely stuff (and I mean stuff!) may Macbook air into it. I kept feeling like the screen was going to crack.

I’ve since sold the backpack and bought their sling bag for day trip, “out in the field” kind of stuff. Now that’s fantastic. I’m looking at their messenger bag too now (and I don’t tend to like messenger bags) so I’m a peak design fan, but that backpack just didn’t do it for me.

Today’s Photo:

Stephanie and I were able to get a lot of walks in during this trip. It was nice since conference schedule allowed for some break time and we certainly weren’t running anywhere without emergency oxygen!