Eating in front of the humans

So shame on me. I fell out of the habit of posting. So I am jumping the rut and posting images from what’s been an eventful few months. Since Disney in February the Bleaching Pixels team (sounds fancy doesn’t it? It’s me and a backpack and alternating wife and children) have been to Colorado, Cape Cod, and Washington State. That’s a lot of travel for us. Not to mention some cool local things. So I have a backlog of pictures to post, software I’ve tried, series ideas and all sorts of other shenanigans.

Today’s photo is of a colobus monkey. These guys are so fascinating to watch! I always wind up getting yelled at to “Come on Daddy!”, or my favorite, the slightly sarcastic “Now let’s wait while daddy takes a picture.”

I like to tease them but the girls are good about it. But don’t tell them that. I prefer to tease them.DSCF0734-Edit