Portsmouth Locks

This and the next couple of shots are from Portsmouth NH. My wife and I were on an all too rare date night, walking around and I saw all of these padlocks attached to a fence in (I think it was) Prescott park. They all had dates on them which I assume were wedding dates. I am not terribly familiar with Portsmouth but it looks like the kind of place that you would have an outdoor wedding in. It was nice to see, especially on a date night.
Sadly that date night ended early when I got pulled over for not having any tail lights (when do you check your own tail lights?!). The funny part was that the part of my dashboard that lights up the heater settings was out, but I could never remember if it was ever lit up in the first place. Apparently it was. And apparently it was on the same fuse as my tail lights as a warning system. I’ll file that in the good to know pile.