My favorite photograph ever

I don’t typically post photographs of my children for two reasons.

One: I fully admit to being internet-paranoid.

Two: I obviously think that my children are the most beautiful things that have ever walked the earth. You may not agree, and are entitled to your opinion (even though it’s wrong 🙂 ).

That all being said, this is one of the few images that I have ever taken that just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. It was a moment when I was riding as a passenger in the car with the girls in the back seat and happened to have my camera on me (a rare occurrence for those to happen at the same time) and looked behind me and fired off a few shots. I had my Olympus OM-D on me, which I usually do nowadays. I love that camera for the portability and flexibility. Not to mention it’s just fun to shoot with and has amazing image quality, which is most important for me. I hope you like this picture as much as I do.

(and yes, I fully cop to being influenced, by osmosis, by Cole Thompson ( Check out Cole’s work. You will not be sorry.


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