4th of July tip — Keep those raw files!

(Note: With a site name like Bleaching Pixels, I figure I should do more black and white…)

Today’s picture is kind of an accident.

I was in Las Vegas a couple of months ago for a conference. I had never shifted off of East Coast time and was getting up at 4 AM and collapsing around 8 or 9 from the sheer exhaustion of traveling and walking a conference floor all day.

Going to bed while the sun was out made me feel more like an old man that usual, so I needed to break the pattern and get out and walk the strip with my camera.

Of all the shots I took I thought this one was actually the least special. It’s from New York, New York, which has a fake New York skyline complete with Statue of Liberty. I took a couple of grab shots of the Statue of Liberty and went on my way, considering deleting them as I walked to save memory card space.

About two weeks ago I decided I wanted to do a black and white with a cream tone. I came across my Las Vegas images and decided I wanted to try this one with a bright sky (I tend to like black and whites with really dark or black skies) so I grabbed this image and started playing.

The moral of the story is, storage is cheap. Unless they’re really terrible, keep those RAW files.